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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Dining in style - the Florence Dress

Last Autumn, Gareth and I both celebrated 'big' birthdays. My family arranged a weekend away for us, including train travel, babysitting, luxury apartment and a voucher for a Michelin starred restaurant. The trip came around last week and naturally, this was an excuse to plan a new outfit. I joined the Sew Over It PDF club at the start of the year as part of my mission to get my sew-jo back. I used my joining discount on the Florence Dress pattern, a 70s style maxi dress with button-front, mandarin collar and elasticated waist.  Having decided to make this dress for our trip to Wilks in Bristol, I ummed and ahhed about fabric choice for ages. I had seen an amazing retro print crepe but decided against it in the end - it was fab but there was the risk of looking like I was in fancy dress. In the end, I opted for some lovely floral crepe from the Sew Over It online fabric shop. 

The size of the pattern pieces meant it took even longer than normal to stick the PDF together. If I hadn't been in a rush to get this finished, then I would have used the print shop option and would definitely use that for my next PDF from the club. The dress is quite straightforward to sew, with the buttons and placket probably the only slightly tricky aspect due to the fabric I used. I can't bear clothes to be too tight on the waist (especially if I know I'm going out for a big meal!), but I think I used too much elastic around the waist and as such, it isn't as flattering as it could be (I'm pulling it together at the back in the picture below). I ran out of time to alter it, but I will do this before I wear it again. The length is good for me, and I think I will make another version in brighter colours for the Summer. It's really comfy to wear and very similar to something I saw in a high street shop the other day, which is always pleasing!

We had an amazing time at Wilks - go if you ever get chance!

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