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Monday, 9 May 2016

Sorbetto on the razz!

I very rarely have a need for 'going out' clothes nowadays, as most of my nights out consist of a glass of wine or g&t sat on the sofa watching telly, usually wearing (homemade) pjs. However, I had a couple of work nights out last month, so thought it would be a good opportunity to make a new top. I had a smallish piece of green crepe burning a hole in my stash which I was keen to use. My Mum bought it for me as a remnant from Sew Over It at the Handmade Fair in Manchester back in November for the princely sum of £3. There wasn't much of it, so I decided to make a Sorbetto (freebie pattern from Collette Patterns).  I have made a couple of Sorbettos before and they are a great stash-buster. 

The crepe was actually easier to work with than I thought. Sorbetto has a wide pleat down the front, and I thought it might be tricky to get a neat finish, as I have only made it in cotton before. The crepe is pretty thick which gave the pleat some stability. The main problem I had making this was the bias binding which is used around the neckline and armholes. I had several attempts at making my own binding using the crepe, with no success whatsoever. I couldn't iron the creases in, and knew I wouldn't be able to get a neat finish. In the end, I used a length of black bias binding I had leftover from another project and just hemmed the armholes.  I'm actually quite pleased with the end result, the black trim brings it all together when worn with black jeans.  

I wore the Sorbetto for both nights out, and it's great to wash and iron. The only downside is how hot it is to wear on a warm evening! Here is the finished result:

Not bad for £3!

I'm now 10 days into my first ever Me Made May, and I'm absolutely loving it!its made me realise how many me made clothes I have now. I've also enjoyed the opportunity to stop falling into the rut of wearing the same old things all the time. I'll be posting a summary of my thoughts and learnings at the end of the month. In the meantime, you can see my daily outfits on Instagram @adventuresinfabric

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