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Monday, 30 May 2016

Reflections on my first Me Made May

This year I took part in my first ever Me Made May (a sewing challenge all about wearing handmade clothes every day during May).  As I haven't been sewing as long as some of the incredibly talented people taking part, my pledge was to wear at least one me made item each day in May. 

So the stats are in:
31 days (and 31 different photos, thanks to my long-suffering photographer!)
7 items worn twice
3 baby dresses
2 matching outfits 
1 pair of boy's shorts
1 hand knitted tie
1 sister made item
3 mum made items

I'm not sure if it is considered cheating to wear items made by others but I figured it would be OK, as the main thing is that they are handmade and individual. 

Taking part has been great fun, and I have loved seeing what other people are wearing on Instagram. I've now got tons of new patterns to add to my 'to do' list! Some people have worn 100% homemade every day, including underwear and shoes - that is truly impressive!  I've also enjoyed the discipline of planning what I'm going to wear, and stopping myself from wearing the same few things day in day out. You realise just how many clothes you own when you are trying to wear different items every day. Taking part has also made me think about what I need to make more of and what I need to stop making. I'm a sucker for pretty patterned fabrics, but I've realised I need to make more plain, 'staple' items - hence my latest make was a plain black blouse!

Over and above what I have learned from a sewing perspective, I have found the challenge to be really good for my wellbeing. I know that sounds weird, but it has helped me to have something fun to focus on. I've been going through a stressful time at work, and this has been something which has really taken my mind off that. 

It goes without saying that I'll be taking part again next year (sorry Gareth - that means more early morning photo shoots!).  As I will have more handmade clothes by then, I'm hoping I can get through it without any repeat wears. 

Here is my outfit for today (31st May):

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  1. You did brilliantly!

    I know what you mean about the fun of MMM helping to combat work stress. It's always good to remember that you're not just a work robot!