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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Back to the classroom (except at home!) - Carrie Trousers and Silk Cami

I made a promise to myself a few weeks ago that I wouldn't buy any new fabric or sewing patterns until I have worked my way through all the projects on my to do list. I broke the promise almost as soon as I made it when I saw that Sew Over It were offering online classes in trouser making and fitting. I have been tempted by their Ultimate Trousers pattern for ages - I keep seeing beautiful versions on Instagram. The classes include the pattern for those and also for Carrie Trousers, which are loose Summer trousers made in soft, drapey fabric. 

So not only did I sign up for the classes immediately, I also bought some fabric from their online shop to make them in.  Even naughtier, I treated myself to their silk Cami pattern and some fabric got that as well. I really must stick to my promise for a while now!!

I made the trousers in a black rayon with a rose print and the cami in a plain black rayon to go with them. Annoyingly, both patterns only came as PDFs and I have made my thoughts on sticking them together clear before. I really enjoyed the online classes - Lisa is an excellent teacher, although I confess that I skipped quite a few of the videos as these trousers are pretty straightforward to sew. I think I will find them more useful for the ultimate trousers as I imagine they are a lot trickier. The cami was also a simple project, but I'm now in love with both patterns - quick to sew, look great and almost as comfy as going out in your pjs (but more socially acceptable!). It is tempting to break that promise again and sew up more of both for Summer - they would be perfect for my holiday....

I wore both last night for a work night out, hence the glamorous surroundings of the office in this pic (I definitely wouldn't sanction any of the photos from later in the evening....):


  1. Hi Alex, these trousers look great. I too have been tempted with this course but need to wait till pay day! I'm thinking of some black fabric with pink roses from croft mill for mine. Was your fabric viscose? How long did it take you to make both cami and trews?

    1. Hi Katie - the trousers and cami were both made in rayon. It didn't take too long as they are both quite simple to sew. I think it was a few evenings to make both. I'd definitely recommend both patterns - happy sewing!