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Monday, 4 July 2016

Holiday sewing part 1 - Tulip Skirt by Sew Over It

I'm off on my hols soon (super excited!), and in the past I would have spent a lot of time and money shopping for a holiday wardrobe. Not so now - I can sew myself one instead!  I've got a few projects in mind for my holiday, and I'll be stitching like mad over the next couple of weeks to get them finished in time. 

The first item on my sewing 'to do' list was the Tulip Skirt from Sew Over It. I bought the pattern when it was first released and had earmarked some lovely nautical fabric bought at the Handmade Fair to make a summery skirt. I love this fabric so much that I'm planning to make a bag and possibly even a hat as well if I have time with the leftovers. 

I was nervous about making a tulip skirt as I worried it would be unflattering, given my shape (post two v big babies!).  I usually fit a size 10 in the Sew Over It patterns and I cut this out without thinking or measuring - oops!  After putting in the pleats and back darts, I fitted it to my dummy and realised there was no way this was going round my waist, despite the fit being perfect everywhere else. I almost gave up, then remembered some advice my Mum gave me ages ago when I made a dress too small by accident- take out some of the darts. I took out the wider two back darts and cut a new waistband. Yay - it worked, and had the added benefit of making it stick out less at the hips, which is more flattering for my shape. 

The invisible zip was pretty much the best I've sewn, and I managed to get the waistband to sit perfectly level either side - something I normally struggle with. I took an extra centimetre off the length when hemming as I'm so short. 

Overall, I'm pleased with this and will definitely make it again, probably in the shorter length to wear with tights in winter. I haven't got a photo of me wearing it (pasty legs and bad hair on the day I made it), so here it is on the dummy:

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