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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Holiday sewing part 4 - vintage Liberty Fi Fi

On to the fourth and final holiday sewing project (there would have been many more but I ran out of time!).  I'm obviously hoping for hot weather and I have found the Fi Fi pyjamas from Tilly and the Buttons I made back in February to be perfect for Summer.  I decided to make another pair to take with me as we are away for a couple of weeks. 

My Mum was given some vintage Liberty fabric a while ago. She made my sister a Summer dressing gown with it for her birthday and gave me what was left. It is beautiful tana lawn, but the design probably isn't something you would make blouses or dresses from as it is a bit dated. However, it is perfect for sleepwear so I decided to use this for the Fi Fi. It is pink floral, so I bought some pink bias binding for the straps. The pattern includes self-made bias binding but I was up against it, time wise, and I also like the look of contrasting straps and trim. 

This is a relatively quick sew due to the small size of the camisole and shorts, despite quite a few details. As it is the third time I have made this (I also Mae a set for my sister for her birthday), I managed to sew it pretty quickly.  For some reason, the French seams really flummoxed me this time. Every time I went to pin it, I reminded myself to sew wrong sides together, then went on auto-pilot and sewed right sides together. I think I ended up unpicking 4 or 5 seams in the end. I'll put this down to rushing and possibly being distracted by holiday packing stress!  The pink binding looks good, but I ordered it online and it is much thicker fabric than I would ideally have used, so I'm a bit concerned about how comfortable it will be - hopefully it will soften in the wash. 

Although the fabric isn't necessarily something I would have chosen, it looks good made up and definitely has a retro feel. It was lovely to sew with (as all Libert fabric is), and will be comfortable to wear. Here is the finished result:

I was very excited to see that it matched my holiday nails too:

Right then, just need to get all this stuff packed and survive a long haul flight with two small children then I can relax and enjoy my hols!

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