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Sunday, 4 September 2016

A series of sewing disasters...

I've been pretty quiet of late, partly because we have been on holiday twice so not much time for sewing, but mainly because my latest makes haven't exactly been my proudest sewing moments.  Unusually, my latest projects have all been for other people (I'm usually a bit of a selfish sewer!).

It is my Mum's birthday next week and I decided to make her an arrowhead ribbon necklace from Love Sewing magazine. I had to search for ages to find 5cm wide grosgrain ribbon, but managed to source some gunmetal grey ribbon which I thought would go well with her wardrobe. I've never used this kind of fabric manipulation technique before and I enjoyed seeing the arrowhead design come together as I was sewing and ironing. As I was sewing, it was obvious that something wasn't right. The necklace was much wider than the version pictured in the magazine. I even posted a picture on Instagram and the pattern designer confirmed that the width of the ribbon should have been 2.5cm and it should also be longer than stated in the magazine. Sadly, I don't think it's wearable, but I gave it to Mum anyway in the hope she can find some other use for it! I will make this again in the right width at some point as I think it could look great. 

It was also Thomas's birthday recently and his latest obsession is Power Rangers. I managed to find some (extortionately expensive) Power Rangers Dino Charge fabric on etsy to make him some pyjama bottoms. I used the same pattern I have used a couple of times before but decided to make the next size up (age 5). They were enormous!  Luckily I was able to alter them easily so not too much of a disaster and definitely a big hit with the birthday boy. 

Finally, it is my 6th wedding anniversary today. 6 years is either iron or sugar. I found some fabric with jars of sweets printed on it (for sugar) and though I would make Gareth some boxer shorts. Not very original I know, as I've made him several pairs before, but he does need some new pants! I decided to save time when cutting out by folding the fabric in half horizontally. I hadn't considered the design on the fabric and the sweet jars on one piece were upside down. I can't believe I made such a basic mistake - think my brain is still in holiday mode. There wasn't much I could do, so I went ahead and made them anyway. 

Not a good run at all - think I'll stick to selfish sewing for a while!

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  1. Hey Alex, I think this stunning! I know it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to but this looks like a happy accident to me. Could you give more details on how you created the necklace? I've tried to search for the original article on Love Sewing but can't find it.