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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Super comfy but the jury's out - the Cocoon Dress

The latest issue of Sew Now magazine caught my eye when picking up some reading material for a long train journey, mainly due to the free gift - the Cocoon Dress by Simple Sew. It was quite an unusual style and I thought it would make a super-comfy and wearable day dress for Summer. 

I've had some lightweight spotty denim in my stash for ages, which I had planned to make a shirt dress with. However, I picked up some old curtains from a charity shop which I am planning to use for that project instead.  I've seen a lot of unstructured denim dresses about this Summer, so decided to use this fabric for the Cocoon Dress. 

I chose the short sleeve version, which has grown on cap sleeves bound with bias binding. My favourite design feature is the deep in-seam pockets (got to love a dress with pockets).  I actually cut two broad strips of the fabric to use instead of binding as suggested, which give the impression of turned-up sleeves. It all came together really easily, and I am pleased with the v-neck, something I have found tricky in the past. All in all, it was a couple of hours sewing. 

As predicted, the dress is super comfy and ideal for my un-air-conditioned office in the Summer. However, I'm not sure if I like the style and I'm not convinced it is very flattering. I'll keep wearing it and decide whether I love it or not....

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